Workshop By Naresh Singhal on Vaastu.

Workshop By Naresh Singhal on Vaastu.

Event Description

“Vaastu Shastra” means “science of architecture”, a traditional Hindu system of architecture. Vaastu Shastras integrate traditional Hindu and in some cases Buddhist beliefs. It is a science (shastra) of arranging the five elements - earth, water, fire, air and sky in complete harmony. Experts say that the fundamental principle of vaastu shastra is to add value to a man's life with respect health, wealth, peace and serenity.

It is said that, the entrance of the house must be in the East direction, placing scenery in the North East direction depicting a long road is good for vision and planning etc. There are many more such sayings which actually results into some good and gripping things. But what are those things, how to apply those things in your life is a bit tricky to understand.

And to solve this confusion, here you have a chance to know more about such things. Head to this 2 Days Customized Vaastu workshop by Naresh Singhal where you will learn that Vaastu is not same for all. Vaastu principles vary according to DOB, Nature of business or job. Mr. Singal who moved to 14 countries and conducted more than 300 workshops so far has also the widest media profile as a Vaastu Consultant.

Contact No’s for registration- 9999126508/03, 9999304531

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